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How do I clean my coins?
Don�t, don�t and don�t. Recently I went on a house call to look at an Indian Head Cent collection. As I entered the house, the husband had just finished polishing all the coins. They looked like a copper tea kettle. After evaluating the collection, I informed him that his cleaning reduced the value of the set from $800 to $200. His wife shouted �I told you not to clean the coins�. He replied �I thought it would increase their value�. As their discussion heated up, I decided to make a hasty retreat. The moral of the story is that collectors like to buy coins that look natural. A 100 year old circulated penny should be brown in color, not bright copper. There are several non-destructive methods for removing surface dirt and contaminants from coins. However, without the experience necessary for applying those methods, your coins (and your pocketbook) will be much happier if you don�t clean your coins.
How do I find the value of my coin or currency collection?
Find out the value of your coin or currency collection with an appraisal. Appraisals may be based on replacement value or liquidation value. They may be verbal or written. How do you decide what type of appraisal you need and what form it should be in? Replacement value is useful if you want to insure your collection against theft or damage. For most other purposes liquidation value is most useful. Written appraisals are generally needed for guardianship cases or estate valuations. Verbal appraisals are generally sufficient if you are considering selling your collection. How much should you expect to pay for an appraisal? Spring Hill Coins will provide a verbal appraisal free of charge. The fee for a written appraisal is based on the time spent evaluating the collection and documenting the results. However, if the collection is ultimately purchased by us, you will receive a refund of the appraisal fee.
How do I dispose of my coin or currency collection?
Many coin or currency collectors reach a time in their life when they lose interest in the hobby. They are then faced with the decision of how to dispose of their collection. Two options are generally considered. First to give the collection to a child or grandchild and second to sell the collection. A useful principle to follow is to give the collection to a child or grandchild only if they have a genuine interest in the hobby, otherwise sell the collection. There are many horror stories of collections being quickly sold by recipients at depressed prices because of their lack of interest or worse yet, collections being spent at face value. However, a knowledgeable collector can sell their collection to Spring Hill Coins, at a fair price. Then, if desired, the proceeds may be given to a child or grandchild or, if more desirable, may be spent on frivolous things.
How do I choose a coin dealer?
You have a coin or currency collection and have decided the time has come to sell. How do you choose a reputable dealer that will pay you a fair price? Three important qualities to look for are: (1) Integrity, (2) Knowledge, and (3) Cash Reserves. Integrity is the most important. Many collectors have sufficient knowledge to recognize when they are being paid a fair price, but some do not. They must rely on the honesty of the coin dealer. Knowledge of coin grading increases the chance of you receiving the best price. Since the value of a coin is strongly dependent on condition, a coin dealer lacking in grading skills may pay you a lower price to protect himself from grading mistakes. Finally, Cash Reserves need to be adequate. If a dealer buys a collection, and is forced to sell it immediately to replenish his operating cash, you will probably receive an inferior price.
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